Grass Turf

Why struggle with the hassle of a natural lawn when you can enjoy the perennial beauty and maintenance-free ease of synthetic turf? Even as it mimics the pleasing look and feel of lush green grass, synthetic turf rids you of the many burdens maintaining such grass imposes: mowing, watering, fertilizing, weeding, edging, and more. Conserve water and money alike with the year-round splendor of an artificial lawn installed by Select Pavers. You may even qualify for a rebate from your water authority, given the conservation measure you’re taking!

As any homeowner who’s dealt with a natural lawn can attest, grass can be more trouble than it’s worth: always thirsty, growing unevenly, marred by yellowing or muddy or weedy patches. Synthetic turf from Select Pavers gives you a consistent and headache-free lawn that’s eye-catching in all the best ways.